Reply To: Post on "Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27)"


Lucas wrote: “I might be wrong but I think that a mistake was made while explaining the transition of beings from the lower realms to the Brahma realms on the destruction of the planet..I would like to remember that the universe is something like infinite (or very big at least). ”

Buddha’s model does not say that the whole universe will be destroyed when the Earth (and the other planets in the Solar system) is destroyed. Only 10,000 more “star systems” (like our Solar system) will be destroyed. The rest of the universe remains the same.
– Of course, more 10,000 such “star systems” will be destroyed from time-to-time.
– In other words, a given system of 10,000 “star systems” will be destroyed periodically, just like ours. Then they “re-form” over many billions of years. Of course, the higher-lying Brahma realms are never destroyed, since there is very little “tangible matter” in those realms.
– This feature of the Buddha’s model has been PROVEN by science. The destruction of a whole cluster of stars (together with their planetary systems) does happen in the universe. Such an event is a supernova. There are a few such supernovae in our Milky Way galaxy each year.
– The “re-formation” of star systems has been also confirmed.

The current model of modern science says that the WHOLE UNIVERSE (with ALL star systems) came to existence with the Big Bang.
– There are some theories that say the whole universe will CONTRACT to a “point’ and then will undergo another Big Bang. (and that process may repeat.)
– But all those are theories and even the Big Bang model is not proven. Of course, most scientists believe in that model.

You may want to re-read the post with the above information in mind.
– Please feel free to ask questions if not clear.