Reply To: Post on Five Aggregates – Introduction


Comments by cubibobi and y not could be both be right if we look at it the following way.

The Buddha said that everything in this world is associated with suffering (dukkha.)
– However, one will not be subjected to that suffering UNLESS one willingly embraces (or attaches) to those things.

It is best to take an analogy. If a bottle of poison is on the table, that will not bring death or suffering to anyone.
– However, if someone takes that bottle and drinks the poison, then THAT PERSON will be subjected to suffering.

Therefore, pancakkhandha is full of suffering. But one will be subjected to that suffering ONLY IF one willingly embraces pancakkhandha.
– That “willingly embracing” or “pulling it close” is the “upadana part” in “panca upadana khandha” or pancupadanakkhandha.

An Arahant has pancakkhandha but not pancupadanakkhandha.

An Anagami has given up those cravings for things in the kama loka, for example. So, his/her pancupadanakkhandha is much “much smaller” than that of an average human. He/she will not be subjected to suffering in the apayas, human world, or in Deva loka.
– We can see levels of suffering eliminated at each level of magga phala that way.