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Thank you Lal,

“When we need to recall the memory…” But exactly WHAT triggers the memory, what prompts that need, what it is ABOUT the other person (in the example I gave) that triggers the recall, that causes the transmitter to sense the need to send a signal to the nama loka – since the body is different. A case in point: the reference I made elsewhere of that brahmin and his wife who recognized the Buddha as their ‘son’.

Or – it is ‘in the nature of things’ (Dhammata) that in such instances the initial trigger happens. Connection ever registered in nama loka, condition arising, signal to the brain, transfer to hadaya vatthu, onto vinnana (and awareness of the fact). In this way, neither the senses, nor the faculties give rise to the ‘recognition’.

As to the rest of it, all is clear.

I look forward to the upcoming posts. Please do not bother answering here. It is not meant as a question, just sharing my thought sequence as it arose, especially the second para.

May you attain eternal Bliss soon.