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Thanks, y not.
The link is, “Dhamma on Air #5.”

I watched a few minutes of the video.

It seems that he is trying to explain memory in terms of stored in the brain. That is not correct. Here is a brief summary of what happens.
– The brain has a “mana indriya” with a transmitter and a receiver. One’s experiences are transmitted to the “nama loka” that it out there in space.
– When we need to recall the memory, the transmitter again sends a signal to the “nama loka” and receives a “blueprint of that memory.”
– That is the dhammā that the brain then transmits to the hadaya vatthu (that is in the gandhabba and overlaps the physical heart.)
– Then “mananca paticca dhammeca uppajjati mano vinnanam” re-creates the previous experience as if one is experiencing it at that moment.

I will get to it in the upcoming posts. But I mentioned the mechanism with a bit more details in, “The Amazing Mind – Critical Role of Nāmagotta (Memories).”