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Bhikkhu Samahita addresses the question ‘Where is the knowledge of past lives stored in the being’ (starting 1′.04″ – 20′) in YouTube video Dhamma on Air #5 =NuPMZKGT3yM and the site: ,27 Dec 2015: Q1: Where is the past life remembrance stored?”

He makes mention of the hadaya vatthu, the brain that is different from life to life, vinnana and nonlocality in QM.

Now, in the time of the Buddha one bhikkhu was admonished by both his fellow bhikkhus and by the Buddha for ‘having the harmful misconception’ that vinnana travels from life to life. From that it would appear that those memories would be in the ‘outer consciousness’ (vide nonlocality), i.e, in the ‘akashic records’ in New Age terminology (just to get the idea across). And here is where the question of gati comes in:

Since those connected to one another in recent lives would have affected, to one degree or another, one another’s gati, those ‘interactions-come-affinities’ would figure in the memories of those past lives. But “– As you can probably see, one’s memories (in a beginningless rebirth process) is in the five aggregates” – and vinnana is one of the five aggregates. The whole point being that the Buddha says that vinnana does not travel from life to life.

By the way, Bhikkhu Samahita passed away in 2019. I found his discourse interesting, to say the very least. His other discourses on ‘’ are equally so.
I would be pleased to have links to other discourses on the subject by different bhikkhus.

Thank you all in advance.