Reply To: Post on “Gati (Habits/Character) Determine Births – Saṃsappanīya Sutta”


The following post is from Lvalio (Lair).

What’s to note about this Ven lecture. Dhammavuddho and what is necessary to pay attention is that when he refers to the conditions to progress on the path. Lord Buddha told Ven. Ananda that the preservation of the Dhamma depends 100% on good friends (kalyāṇasahāyatā kalyāṇasampavaṅkatā.)
– The translation of the Pali into English as “good friends” and it is wrong.
– The correct translation is, “friends who penetrated the path of the Dhamma”, at the very least a Sotapanna -an Ariya.

And in this lecture, the Venerable speaks clearly of good friends AS Ariya…
See, “Half the Spiritual Life (SN 45.2)“.
– So the translation is wrong. It is not only “good friends”, but “good friends” who understood the Message of Lord Buddha, i.e. The Dhamma of nature…