Reply To: Post on Five Aggregates – Introduction


Yes, y not. We are just getting started on this topic from a new perspective.

In fact, answers to your original question will become clear as we proceed.
– The five aggregates are key to understanding how our memories are recalled.
– As you can probably see, one’s memories (in a beginningless rebirth process) is in the five aggregates. That is how the Buddha was able to “see” how he received “niyata vivarana to become a Buddha” from a Buddha who lived 100,000 eons ago!
– Some of these things may sound “exotic” but once one understands the principles, they are no longer myths. See, “Pāramitā and Niyata Vivarana – Myths or Realities?

By the way, my understanding becomes more clear with time too. Thus the need to revise these posts on the Five Aggregates (Pancakkhandha). Many of them were written several years ago.