Reply To: Post on Five Aggregates – Introduction


You are right, Johnny.

Rupakkhandha is all mental, as I have discussed before. But I will be revising that post too, next week.
– I also revised #4 of today’s post too in that regard.

Furthermore, the other four khandhas are all mental too. I will write on them in upcoming posts. I do not want to refer to the old posts since many of them need some revisions.

Rupa, vedana, sanna, sankhara, vinnana all last only momentarily (as experienced). We experience them and they become memories right away.
– Now, that does NOT mean a given rupa last only momentarily. Only our experience of a rupa is only momentary.
– That is the distinction between a given rupa and one’s rupakkhandha.
– For example, a tree that one saw the previous day has been registered in the rupakkhandha forever. But that tree may have been cut down right after one saw it. Thus that tree (rupa) is not there today. But the rupakkhandha still has the memory of it as it was seen yesterday.
– Rupakkhandha is personal. Mine is different from yours, for example. That is because, for one thing, what I have seen is different from what you have seen. There are many other differences that we will discuss.

Ask questions if not clear. It is important to understand these key concepts.