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I had listened to this desana some time back.

Starting at 17:50 up to 20:23 be brings up the point that the Suttas say that from Magga to Phala citta takes some time, while elsewhere (in the Abhidhamma) it is stated that the transition from one to the other happens in the very next citta; in short, there is no one to be found to be on the Path and without the Fruit. Also, he seems to question (not to say dismiss) the validity of the Abhidhamma as also of any suttas that were not existent at the time of king Asoka. “If it agrees with the Suttas and the Vinaya, then you know it is the Buddha’s words….if not…then you can throw it away” (23:39….)

It is easy to see that there are 8 types of Ariyas: the Anugami and the Stage: Sotapanna Anugani and Sotapanna, Sakadagami Anugami ..etc. The questions come when those 8 are said to refer to the Magga and the Phala of a particular Stage, for then we would have to admit to 12 types not just 8.

These and other related points are discussed in the Abhidhamma forum: ‘difference-between-magga-and-phala-citta’ started by Akvan back on 25.09.’18.

May the Blessings of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha be with us all always.