Reply To: My Personal Experience in Buddhism


Hi Y Not!
Y Not Said: “I was struck by “when I closed my eyes, I always saw a flashing signal, a black point flashing, a different thing, and then an intense anguish inexplicable… (still now, sometimes I see it…”
Because there is a connection there to what I experience, though not all that often lately.
Thank you very much for your kindly words…I appreciate very much!
Thank you very much Y Not, for as nice words… I think many of us here at the PureDhamma Forum have had or still have similar experiences.
We are all very lucky to live in a time when the True Dhamma of Lord Buddha is shining again and for having access to the teachings of Ven. Waharaka Abayarathanalankara Thero…
Through the Posts of Lal who is fluent in Sinhala and English… A rare combination…
But, Mr. Lal, are not a mere translator, but someone who understands the Sublime Dhamma of Lord Buddha and knows how to transmit it with his own words and through his own understanding, transmit the Dhamma Sublime in a way that we can understand it either.
May all of you attain Magga Phala in this very Life