Reply To: Can Kamma be inherited?


Sybe07: “My opinion, based on the sutta’s SN36.21, AN5.104 and AN.10.60, is that the Buddha did not teach that any problem we face is caused by our own immoral deeds in the past.”

What you have wrong is the part in the bold.

1. There MUST be a previous kamma to bring vipaka. We have done infinite number of kamma in the past and it may not be possible to pinpoint the specific kamma. But NOTHING happens without a cause. Only a Buddha can get into such specifics for a given person.

2. But NOT all previous kamma can bring vipaka. There MUST BE the right conditions to bring vipaka.

This is discussed in, “What is Kamma? – Is Everything Determined by Kamma?

Please read that post carefully. If you see something not correct, quote the bullet # and explain why that is not correct.