Reply To: Can Kamma be inherited?


For me personally the debate on kamma has never really come to a satisfactory end.

I have studied the sutta on kamma. My opinion, based on the sutta’s SN36.21, AN5.104 and AN.10.60, is that the Buddha did not teach that any problem we face is caused by our own immoral deeds in the past. There are also other causes mentioned in those sutta’s. Kamma is a possible cause.

When one is still young one will have little pain and problems starting running, right?
And when one is over 50 it will be more difficult and painful.
What is the cause of the difference? Kamma? I would not say that.
There is a physiological cause that explains the difference in difficulties one meets.

Some time ago I had this experience: I had for a long time very bad headackes, like fire burning in the mind, every day. At first i thought that it must be kamma-vipaka, some retribution of to much agression in my deeds. So i just beared that pain. I did not go away. After some time i started to question the cause of the pain. The intuition came…’you drink to little’…yes that was true. I drank only 600 ml a day. I started to drink 1,5 l a day and from that time on, the painful feelings, have totally vanished.
So, is some bad deed in the past creating that headacke or was it just a physiological cause?

When people dehydrate all kinds of problems arise. Are those problems arising because one now reaps the fruits of immoral deeds? And they go away when one starts drinking??? This makes no sense, right?