Reply To: Anxiety and Tilakkhana

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Hello KNDS,

What you say about Dhamma and its effects on anxiety I have experienced. It is clear you have too. However, the troubles with the body remain; if anything, they increase in number, but one knows those last only as long as the body lasts.

In my experience, towards the end a host of physical conditions rear their head (past kamma) but now that does not lead to anxiety. They come together and queue up, as it were, while there is still time, to manifest the unexpended kamma vipaka. Deterioration of the body as a whole can be managed only to a negligible degree. Not so the mind. And a lucid mind is necessary to grasp and to contemplate the Dhamma.

So I urge anyone who has come across the Dhamma to go into it with all that they have; tomorrow may not come. In my case I made it ‘just in time’. My struggle now is to re-charge and use the mind, if only for Dhamma time.