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Hi Yann,

The following sutta’s treath differences in rebirth between noble persons and not noble ones: AN3.116, AN4.123-126 (click next button to read the rest)

Regarding your second question:

As i understand it from what i have read, lifespan in a certain realm is based on a certain (limited) kammic energy. When this is spend, a transformation takes place to another bhava (lifeform) at the cuti-patisandhi moment. From death to a new rebirth/bhava.

So, when the positive kamma in those deva or Brahma realms is spend, and life ends in those realms, it is said, negative latent tendencies, still present in a not-noble mind, activate. They surfice automatically near the end of the lifespan and become at death a condition for rebirth in lower realms.

That’s why only doing good is, in the end, not liberating. The existing anusaya or latent tendencies in the mind must be uprooted too, or, in other words, mind has to be purified to the extent that there are no conditions anymore for rebirth in lower realms.

If this does not take place, it is to be expected that those bad anusaya will surfice at the end of a life in a relative happy realm and will drag one down at the end of that lifespan.

As i have understood, especially wrong views and strong greed and hate become conditions for rebirth in the lower realms. In a noble person (or better in a noble mind) there are no wrong views anymore and lobha en dosa is strongly reduced. So there are no causes anymore who can drag one down in the apaya’s after living as a human, deva or Brahma.

So the purification of the mind is the crucial point and explains the difference in rebirth as mentioned in de above sutta’s.