Reply To: Clarification about the 31 realms


Yann: “i mean mankind wasn’t alway around, man existed for less than a million year,.”

You have not read what I wrote and tried to explain. This cannot be explained in a single post. If you need to find out, it is necessary to read the recommended posts.

Let me try to explain it a bit more.
– Our planetary system with the Earth will be destroyed in a few billion years.
– By that time, not only humans but all living forms on Earth (animals, beings in the apayas, Devas, etc) ALL will be in a higher Brahma realm that is NOT destroyed.
– Then the Solar system will re-form over billions of years, and eventually, all those being in that Brahma realm will gradually come down to the Earth.

That cycle has been going on forever. That is a very short summary that I gave.
– To understand how it all happens REQUIRES a lot more background material that I suggested.
– One needs to ALSO understand the rebirth process, kamma and kamma vipaka, etc.

What I stated above is in a bit more expanded form in the post, “Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27).”

More information on the rebirth process at, “Evidence for Rebirth.”