Reply To: Fast track?


Sybe07 wrote: “Personally i do not belief that sotapanna magga stays unnoticed..”

What do you mean by “stays unnoticed?”

Do you mean that there is a “significant registration” in the mind at the moment one becomes a Sotapanna Anugami?
– There is no such “registration” for an Anugami.
– One becomes a Sotapanna Anugami gradually by starting to comprehend the “wider worldview” of the Buddha (with its anicca, dukkha, anatta nature). Then, when the comprehension gets to a certain level, it registers in the mind as the Sotapanna phala citta.
– Therefore, the Sotapanna stage is attained for a Sotapanna Anugami in a moment. That is explained in Abhidhamma. See, “Citta Vithi for Attainment of Magga Phala” at the end of the post, “Citta Vithi – Processing of Sense Inputs.” For a Sotapanna Anugami, the mind gets only to the “Gotrabu” moment (change of lineage to an Ariya). I need to revise the post to add that bit of information.
– But even then, one may not realize it right then. It is not like a lightning strike!

One realizes one has attained any stage of magga phala by observing one’s own behavior and tendencies.
– The Anagami stage is the easiest to verify (by oneself), since one will lose all cravings to sensory pleasures, including sex.