Reply To: What are the similarities between the Law of Attraction and Buddha Dhamma?


Some own experience. When the mind is stressed, anxious, under high pressure, i can see, it tends to make bad judgements, especially also on cause and effect. It sees causes which are no causes. It creates associations which are not really there. It also tends to magical thinking. One can start to see all kind of signs.

Simple example: one is in a hurry and one travels with a car and all traffic lights are red. One starts to think reality is punishing oneself or somehow creating obstacles or one thinks this must be some bad omen or kamma vipaka. As though a traffic light would really have any concern for our activities.

I do not say that a stressed and anxious mind might not provoke certain behaviour in other people, but in general i think we must be al little be cautious in seeing all kinds of relationships when stressed, because a stressed mind tends to see things not clearly.