Reply To: What are the similarities between the Law of Attraction and Buddha Dhamma?


I think is much complex than “Think good so good things will happen” I would say that is just part of the puzzle as we speak about mundane things. I do not remember the sutta name exactly but Buddha said that even if you been “bad” person you may go to higher realms and even if you been good person you may still go to apayas despite having good gathi this lifetime. It’s very hard to control course of life because you have much more blocks to pass (inner/outer) rather than openings, understanding Dhamma helps deal with life and so the life outcome after better dealing with life with much more clarity and clear mind. I would say attaining Nibbana, getting into pure state of mind and clarity is the best way to get your mundane situation life better because if you will not get what you want in terms of materialistic ways at least your life experience will be better even without those (with those it will be better too, generally it should the same way as one does not have mental fabrications about having this or not having that)