Reply To: Fast track?


I have, until now, not found any evidence for socalled hidden teachings in the Tipitaka.
Ofcourse the Buddha must have taught specific teachings to specific persons, matching there gati and qualities, just as any teachers always looks at the capabilities of the pupil.
But, any evidence for a predicted Mahāyāna or vajrayana or secret mantra’s or secret teachings, i have not seen. On the contrary, in the Pali sutta’s it is said that the Buddha did not have a closed fist regarding his teaching of the Dhamma. He taught things openly.

Zen people refer to a teaching in which the Buddha only held up a flower and I belief only Kassapa knew what this meant. It is claimed by Zen that this moment started the non-oral direct transmission of the Dhamma. I have not yet found a Pali sutta in which this happens.
Probably this also refers to a Mahāyāna sutta?

Other than theravada buddhist often refer to Mahāyāna texts for such types of claims, is my experience.

In the sutta’s there is a lot of debate about views of other guru’s with big sangha’s. One of them is Nigantha Nataputta which seems to refer to the Jain founder. Some texts in which the Jain doctrine is described is: MN14, MN101, MN56, SN41.8, SN42.8.
In those sutta’s the differences are described.

All those views of other guru’s are always critisised. What is wrong about it is shown.
They are the views of Makkhali Gosala, Ajita Kesakambali, Purana Kassapa, Pudhaka Kaccayana, Sanjaya Belatthiputta, and Nigantha Nataputta.
Kesakambali is said to be a materialist and the views he had are the ten wrong views the Buddha taught.