Reply To: What are the similarities between the Law of Attraction and Buddha Dhamma?


Sorry, I did not see your comment earlier, yann.
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The first part of your comment explains the general idea that I was trying to explain to upekkha.

If one has a “weak or defeatist mindset” that mind attracts more bad events.
– One way to cultivate a weak mindset is to constantly think about one’s misery and spend time thinking about how “unlucky” one is. Those are “bad vaci sankhara” in the terminology of Buddha Dhamma.
– Bad vaci sankhara lead to bad vinnana. In simple English, such self-pitying thoughts” leads to a “bad/weak” mindset.
– With that bad mindset, one takes bad decisions. Furthermore, such bad mindsets attract more bad events too.

Another factor that comes in to play is whether or not one is living a moral life. If one is living a moral life, the tendency to have “self-pity” is reduced.

When one lives a moral life and has a positive outlook on life, things start going his/her way.
– Here, one is making conditions for any “good kamma” done in this or previous lives to bring their results.
– Just as a bad mindset would make conditions to bring in “bad kamma vipaka”, a “good mindset’ makes conditions to bring good vipaka.

You may want to read that post which I suggested to upekkha. It explains this in more detail.

At the end, you wrote, “What really “attracts” positive or negative circumstances is the way you feel, your energy so to speak.”
– What I explained above is how you got that energy. You overcame your “weak mindset” by cultivating a positive outlook.