Reply To: What are the similarities between the Law of Attraction and Buddha Dhamma?


This is an important topic for me because this is something i have witnessed many times in my life, and that was sometimes overwhelming.
When i was a teenager i suffered severe depression and anxiety issues, that were correlated with insomnia. I entered very negative mind-body states, despite my will.
Those states where clearly unpleasant, and i knew clearly when i felt bad. Anyways. When i was like this, any time i would go out of the house bad things would happen to me. Either someone would attack me, but worst things happened. One day a group of teenage women just stared and me and told me something really mean, totally unprovoked. I could clearly see that what happened to me was linked to my condition at the time. When i was like this it was like i was marked. Nothing i would do would work, nobody would like me.
Even in my own familly.
The whole thing seemed totally unfair to me, as i never hurted or did something wrong to “deserve this” (in a traditionnal moral sense). All of this happened because of the negativity / tiredness / anxiety i suffered at the time.
People would start hating me for no other reasons that i just emitted a “feel bad” vibe. I experience powerful bad luck (after while i wasn’t surprised the least and started predicting events before they were about to happen)
I had to gradually work on myself to change this. I also healed physical symptoms by working on my mind AND my body/energy…. This was tough at the time. But it gave me an overview of some of the power we might have, and how you have to work on yourself to change things. At the time i delved deep into this, reading many books, but i came at much better conclusions and understanding by working and experiencing myself. Now this never happen to me anymore, and if it did, it wouldn’t be nothing more than a passing annoyance
And yes there is an effect of accumulation, that the more you practice something, the stronger it becomes, the more out of control it gets. This is how some people become insane, by not being mindful of what they create on a day to day basis. But the “attraction” effect is definitively real and is something one should be very mindful about.

In response to upekha question:

What if someone constantly thinks about misfortunes happening to them like breaking a leg, losing their house, their car burning down, getting a disease, turning blind, being in a airplane crash, etc.”

According to my experience in the subject (which isn’t limited to the story above), thinking about something or being afraid about something doesn’t create that something. What really “attracts” positive or negative circumstances is the way you feel, your energy so to speak.
Thinking about being in a plane crash or fearing something isn’t enough to attract it. But being constantly fearful, anxious, will create a negative energy around you that will make you very unlucky.