Reply To: Determining if I have reached the Sōtapannaa stage


The removal of sakkaya ditthi is a big deal, i find. I think it also means there is no identification with the body, feelings, mental states etc. (I am the body, feelings etc)

Sometimes i wonder, is there really any human on Earth who does not identify? Maybe there are but i think they are very rare.

Aniduan, is sakkaya ditthi really removed? For example, if there arises pain, do you not have any tendency anymore to view this pain as my-pain? When you stand in front of the mirror and see your face, do you not have any tendency anymore to think ‘i look nice today or not so nice’? When there is sadness, anger, stress do you not think anymore ‘i am sad, angry, stressed’?

I see those views, i have them, and therefor do not think sakkaya ditthi has been removed in me. I admit i am surprised when someone says he/she has because is it is such a strong chain.

The sutta’s teach that the consequence of the removal of sakkaya ditthi’s is that mind become undisturbed, unagitated when rupa, sanna, vedana, sankhara and vinnana change. I cannot say this. There arises still worries when the body showns signs of illness or decay or strange feelings etc.

Are you sure sakkaya ditthi has been removed?