Reply To: Descent of Gandhabba Into Womb

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Among us humans it is the norm to use or’copy’ a prevalent and popular idea as a base, as the underlying ‘common factor’ understood by all, when we want to show something on the same lines but on a deeper level.

But here we are talking about a Buddha. A Buddha is by definition the All-knowing One through self-perfection (among other things, most of which would be incomprehensible to us anyway). So the case will be quite the reverse.. it is in fact those brahmins who even unknowingly’made use’ of the knowledge proclaimed by a Buddha, by the Buddha Kassapa in this case, and incorporated that knowledge, rendered incomplete and distorted here and there through the passage of time, into the ‘body’ of their religion.

Once that is appreciated, you will see that any ULTIMATE discovery or finding in any of the various branches of science will be found to accord with Buddhadhamma – as long as it one of the (few) things that the Buddha deemed fitting to reveal. Most of what He knew he did NOT teach. See Simsapa Sutta SN 56.31.