Reply To: Reaching Anagami stage – How to?


Thank you, Vilas, for that description.
– Let me add a few words.

“Uppada Vayatena Anicca – All that arises is going to pass away”.
All existences arise and end. Some are good and most are bad. So, the overall effect is dukkha.

In order to end this process (rebirth process), we need to see how those different types of existence arise. They arise due to our own sankhara.
– Good sankhara lead to good rebirths. Bad ones lead to bad rebirths.
– This is the conclusion we made in the post, “Origin of Life – One Creates One’s Own Future Lives.”

So, one must start with removing causes that give rise to “bad rebirths.” Those are bad sankhara that lead to bad kamma.
However, even though we know this basic fact in this life, we may be born into conditions where we may not realize this in the next life (even if it is a good existence.)
– That is why we need to realize the unfruitful, dangerous, and never-ending nature of the rebirth process.
– When one has this “broad picture” one becomes a Sotapanna Anugami. At that point, one has the “right vision” but still has the tendency to “enjoy worldly pleasures (without harming others.)
– Then one keeps on contemplating that anicca nature and makes progress on the Path. When one loses all cravings for sensory pleasures (kama raga) one becomes an Anagami.