Reply To: Meaning of citta/cetovimutti


1. That is interesting. Of course, cittā arise in hadaya vatthu in the gandhabba, and the hadaya vatthu OVERLAPS the physical heart in the physical body.
– So, there is a proximity to the physical heart.

2. Hadaya means “heart.” Bhikkhu Bodhi, in his book “Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma” translates hadaya vatthu as “heart base.”
– I think other Abhidhamma translations have done too.
– I tend not to translate such words and just use the word “hadaya vatthu.”

3. Greek philosophers also connected the mind to the heart and not to the brain, as done by scientists and philosophers today.

However, I think “cetovimutti” means more like “release or calming of the citta (mind)”.