Reply To: Post on “Icchā (Cravings) Lead to Upādāna and to Eventual Suffering”


Johnny asked: ” is it right to say that our mind cannot bear the passing away of the pancupādānakkhandha we are so attached to and thus our mind enslaves our sense faculties in order to gratify those sense experience over and over again?”

Yes. That is definitely a part of it.
Pancupādānakkhandha (panca upādāna kandha) are the “memories” of past events OR anticipated future events that we are “attached to (tanhā).
– One can attach via both like (greed) AND dislike (hate). For example, if someone does something bad to us, we tend to remember that and “form a dislike” for that person. Then we tend to think about that from time-to-time and generate “bad vaci sankhara” or even try to “get back” at that person by doing “bad kāya sankhara” (resulting in physical actions or “kāya kamma”) as well. We tend to do the same for things we like or crave for. That is how we accumulate new kamma.
– So, one is unable to “let go” of one’s such attachments via like/dislike.