Reply To: Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta in relation to dhamma and various types of sankhara


Upekkha asked:” 1) If sobhana cetasika cools down the mind, then can punnabhisankhara be considered as stressful?”

No. Punnabhisankhara are not stressful. They help reduce stress, as I mentioned.
– The suffering associated with kaya sankhara involve “bodily work.”
– It is that “physical work” that makes even punna kamma stressful.

For example, when you help an elderly person to cross the street, that takes some effort. Of course, sobhana cetasika that arise in the mind makes that less stressful.

The key point is that “sabbe sankhara anicca”, “sabbe sankhara dukkha” etc can be clearly seen as one proceeds to higher levels on the Path.

First one needs to realize the dangers of APUNNA ABHI SANKHARA and the need to engage in PUNNA ABHI SANKHARA.
– Then, as one starts to comprehend Tilakkhana, SOME of those APUNNA ABHI SANKHARA will automatically become KUSALA KAMMA.
– At that stage, one would be able to start seeing the anicca, dukkha, anatta nature of ALL SANKHARA.