Reply To: Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta in relation to dhamma and various types of sankhara

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So how do the various types of sankhara apply to an Ariya (therefore destined for Nibbana) who has not attained the Arahanthood in this life? :
– “those “good sankhara” ( “punnabhisankhara done with comprehension of Tilakkhana).”
– Anenjabhi sankhara,
– punnabhisankhara.

For a Sotapanna or a Sakadagami or an Anagami, in certain moments, does “punnabhisankhara with comprehension of Tilakkhana” and, in other moments, does sankhara of the other two types. That is,sometimes it is Nibbana that is uppermost in the mind; at other times, it is the ‘next stop’ that is; here with Nibbana as the final destination, not the immediate one.

It may be that I have not put the question right. If not I will re-phrase.