Reply To: Anxiety and Tilakkhana


I listened to the desana. I find it to extreme to conclude body, mind, anything is not under control. Being a human is so difficult because ‘controll’ is an extreme but totally no control is also an extreme. Mr. Tennakoon thinks mind, body, anything is not in control. I do not agres. If body would really be out of control, you have a problem. But moving our legs, choosing to do this or that, is not out of control. Urinating, defecating becomes very problematic when this is really out of control, but for most people it is not.
There is also a certain control over the mind. One cannot say, because i cannot concentrate mind on an object for 4 minuten, that this shows mind is not under control. We can control the mind to a certain extent. For example, we can phantasize about a beautiful woman or man and even arise lustful feelings and bodily reactions. We can concentrate on a taks. It is not true that mind is totally out of control.