Reply To: Good Discourse on Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta


I think ‘there is control’ is an extreme view and ‘there is no control at all’ also is an extreme view.

There is clearly some control over the body. It is not true there is totally no control. We can control moving our arms, legs, urinate, defecate. If it becomes really out of control, we have a problem.

That there is no controll over mind is also an extreme, i find. We are in control to a certain extent. I can, for example, concentrate on a beautiful female form and arise lust and cause bodily reactions while doing this. If i want i can imagine this or that.

That we do not have control about anything is also an extreme.

exactly this middle position makes it so difficult for a human. If we would me totally in controll that would be easy living and if we were totally not in controll too. But it is because we are not totally in control and totally out of controll, that makes being a human confusing. We would lie if we would tell ourselves we are not in control.

We can control our body, mind, surroundings to a certain extent. We can control diseases, life and death, the nature, all to a certain extent. That also gives us a sense of gratification and gives meaning to live.

See beings suffering and make ourselves belief we can do nothing because things are out of control is lying.

Anyway, i do no agree with mr. Tennakoon’s extreme of no control.