Reply To: mindfulness practice and eye tiredness/pain


Thank you for the feedback.

Of the five hindrances to meditation, Sensual desires and Anger (short-tempered nature not directed towards anyone in particular) are in play. Sensual desires and Anger happen outside of meditation/mindfulness sessions –probably because during the sessions, I am either concentrating on breathing or body sensation scans.
I notice/observe these sensual desires as body sensations when they arise. A lot of thinking/contemplation happens at this stage only to realize that all I can do is acknowledge its existence.
Anger is noticed in my reactions (e.g., impatient responses during a phone call or in regular conversations –although not directed towards any particular person).

Body scans/mindfulness is often performed during less involved activities (e.g., waiting at a doctor’s office, sitting in a commute, etc).

Meditation/mindfulness sessions over the past two months have definitely helped me to know more about Dhamma. I am not sure at this stage on how to continue in the path with the interruptions (due to eye pain/ tiredness and hindrances mentioned above).

Some Background: My exposure to meditation is through a 10-day SN Goenka’s retreat that I underwent five years ago with an occasional review of the technique and discourses on youtube. Recently I started with the above-mentioned meditation practices, reading articles on, and listening to audio/video links posted on discord channel “original buddha’s teaching”. For about two months or so, I tried to adhere to five precepts as much as possible with the exception of false speech mostly for privacy reasons.