Reply To: Asking for clarity- Satipatthana


There are many ways to go about “meditating,” lodonyo.

You seem to have developed a routine on your own way. That is fine. But you may want to think about the following fundamentals.

The key idea is to reduce greed, anger, and ignorance from the mind, and cultivate the opposites: non-greed (giving), non-hate (compassion), and become knowledgeable about the true nature of this world.
– That final one (getting rid of ignorance) means learning about bad kamma lead to bad vipaka, and that really bad kamma lead to rebirth in realms that can bring much suffering.
– That also includes learning about the Four Noble Truths, Noble Eightfold Path, etc. That is also part of “meditation.”

Therefore, meditation should not be restricted to “sitting down” sessions. One can act mindfully all day, any time, anywhere. And one can learn by reading and listening (and discussing) whenever possible.

I highly recommend going through the posts in the recent topic, “Examples of doing Anapana in sankappa, vaca, and kammanta