Reply To: CONFIRMED: Abhaya Thero Meditation Retreat in English 2020


I can agree but I can not find any explanation for it, even I lost any craving for jhana when doing my formal meditation with chants as I found that there is something else going on that helps me to attain and uproot tanha. I do not know how it is possible but I have not jhana factors yet they are factors that help me progress on the Path like samadhi, upekkha and clarity of mind. I even have lights before eyes that people have in 4th jhana but I can not tell if I’m in 4th jhana, it’s seems I have 4th jhana factors (or something similar to magga phala) without any jhana. I still didn’t find any satisfying explanation on what really going on BUT as long as I can see tanha disappearing I’m all fine with whatever happens as progress is ongoing. As Lal said one should not be discouraged because lack of jhana as one can make progress without it as long as one can get into “pure mind” to see things as they are (Anicca, Dukkhha, Anatta) and the fetters will fall off like crumbled glue off the mind.