Reply To: Topic for inconsistencies on the site


Christian wrote: “Ariya jhanas are permanent in nature compared to Anariya jhanas” – from post Ariya jhanas – power of human mind.

Now I started to doubting it. In the suttas even Buddha (before dying) goes into jhanas so if for Buddha does are not permanent so how it can be for Anagami and Arahant?”

I think this could be a misunderstanding of what is meant by “permanent.”
– When I say “Ariya jhanas are permanent in nature compared to anariya jhanas”, I do not mean an Ariya would be permanently in a jhanic state.
– It means when one cultivates an Ariya jhana one will be able to get into that jhana anytime one wishes. That ability does not go away even in future lives.
– One would be an Anagami if one can get to the first Ariya jhana, because one would have REMOVED kama raga. An Anagami would not be in a jhanic state at all times. Rather he/she would be able to get to that jhana any time he/she wishes.
– When an Angami dies, he/she WILL BE born in a brahma realm. That is a “permanent jhanic state”.

On the other hand, people who cultivate anariya jhana can lose the ability to get into that jhana even during this lifetime. As I have mentioned before, Devadatta was a good example. He had cultivated highest anariya jhanas AND supernormal (iddhi) powers too. But he lost all that and was reborn in an apaya.

Did I address your question or did you mean something else?