Reply To: Panpsychism – science getting closer to Buddha Dhamma


“We won’t be able to create a conscious robot because even if we created the body (or whatever bearer) consciousness must always come from gandhabba which we can never create (probably not?).”

Yes. We need to leave out, “probably not.” It can NEVER happen. Sentient life arises ONLY as a kamma vipaka.

Of course, the Paticca Samuppada step, “upadana paccaya bhava” MUST happen too.
– An Arahant may have kammic energies from kamma done in this life or past lives that COULD give rise to another existence (bhava).
– But an Arahant’s mind would NOT go through the “tanha paccaya upadana” step, and thus “upadana paccaya bhava” step.
– That what we will be discussing next in the “Origin of Life” series.