Reply To: Kamma and the formation of snow crystal. Insight into the workings of kamma


sumbodhi wrote: “altho sub-suddhātthakā levels seem more like ‘fields’ to me.”

That is correct. Even the suddhātthaka level is below the “atoms” in modern science.
– As I pointed out in the post, “Mystical Phenomena in Buddhism?,” some of the “mystical phenomena” can be explained by learning about such details.
– For example, our physical bodies (as well as walls) are mostly empty as explained there. One with iddhi powers can “reduce the body” to suddhātthaka level and then go through the “mostly empty walls.” I hope you can get the idea.

So, that explanation does not involve QM (Quantum Mechanics).
– Teleporting (in Buddha Dhamma) is similar.

Traveling to Brahma loka is normally done with just the mental body (manomaya kaya or gandhabba.) That manomaya kaya has only a few suddhātthaka.

Anyway, I mention these only to show that these phenomena are NOT “magical” once one understands the concepts.
– Modern science is far behind.