Reply To: Panpsychism – science getting closer to Buddha Dhamma


This hypothesis says that the mind arises out of matter. It is captured clearly in the following paragraph from the article:

“This means that mind is matter, and that even elementary particles exhibit incredibly basic forms of consciousness. Before you write that off, consider this. Consciousness can vary in complexity. We have good reason to think that the conscious experiences of a horse are much less complex than those of a human being, and that the conscious experiences of a rabbit are less sophisticated than those of a horse. As organisms become simpler, there may be a point where consciousness suddenly switches off – but it’s also possible that it just fades but never disappears completely, meaning even an electron has a tiny element of consciousness.

That is complete nonsense.

Matter can NEVER give rise to consciousness. The matter is inert. How can joy and sadness arise in the matter?
– Consciousness in an electron? How do these people come up with such crazy ideas?

This is also why it will NEVER be possible to make a “conscious robot” or any type of artificial intelligence.
– Any machine, no matter how sophisticated, is nothing more than a fancy computer. A computer is as good as its parts and the human designer who programmed it.

If anyone can refute those facts, I would be interested in discussing further.

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