Reply To: Post on An Apparent “Self” Is Involved in Kamma Generation


I do not get into discussing other people’s mindsets. That is because of the limited power of words.
– When someone tries to explain their experience, it may be hard to put into words.
– Then the one who is listening may not get the same idea. The worst is, when that second person tries to give his/her opinion, that has the same problem of expressing their own thoughts.

I will think about this a little bit more, Christian. But my inclination is that it is not fruitful to “analyze” someone else’s reporting of their experiences. Of course, we can point out major issues.
– For example, we know how to differentiate an Ariya jhana from an anariya jhana, as I discussed above. But it is only that person who would really know which one it is. There is no point in either denying or confirming their statements. It does not serve any real purpose.

When I started the website, I used to discuss a few of my experiences. Then I realized that it may not be a good idea.
– Rather, I try to point out examples from the Tipitaka. That way, I don’t need to get involved.
– What is really important is to discuss the concepts, not so much one’s own experience. Of course, it is fine to report one’s progress, if one thinks that it will be beneficial in motivating others. But that should be done with restraint.