Reply To: noble truth of the origin of suffering


y not: “But if a person hates someone, it is not because he loves somebody else.”

If you trace back to the root cause of why one hates another, you will be able to see that it was greed and/or avijja. Hate does not arise by itself. All attachments arise due to the wrong views and wrong perceptions that things in this world lead to happiness. But it is, of course, not easy to “see”.

Siebe: “In that sense i think craving is not bad as cause. Craving as in delight seeking.”

Yes. That is because of what I mentioned above too.
– The Buddha said, “My Dhamma is hard to “see”. It takes a real effort.

One way is to comprehend Paticca Samuppada. “Tanha paccaya upadana” ends up in “jati paccaya jara, marana, soka, parideva, dukkha, domanassa..” or the “whole mass of suffering.”