Reply To: Post on An Apparent “Self” Is Involved in Kamma Generation


I wanted to share some thoughts with you:

What i understand from MN44 which deals with sakkaya ditthi and from SN22.89, sakkaya ditthi’s are self views related to a certain khandha. For example, the view can arise ‘i am this body’ while one stands for the mirror. Or the view might arise, ‘this pain is mine’ while pain arises or…’the pain is in me’. I think one might say that sakkaya ditthi’s arises in relation to a certain experience at a certain moment.

Asmi mana is not related to a specific experience or khandha, but the perception of Me relates to all khandha’s. In SN22.89 Khemaka explains this by illustrating that the scent of a flower does not relate to a particular part of the flower. In the same way the scent of subject in the mind, the perception of Me, the colour of personal existence, does not relate specifically to one khandha but to all.

Do you agree?