Reply To: Post on “Vipāka Vēdanā and “Samphassa jā Vēdanā” in a Sensory Event”


Those two posts that I referred to above are very important. I hope everyone will take the time to read them carefully.

The first post explains that tanha is not craving: “Tanhā – How We Attach Via Greed, Hate, and Ignorance.”

It is a common mistake to translate “tanhā” as “craving.” The translation that Johnny referred to translates tanhā as craving.
– Tanhā means “getting attached to” sensory input and that happens within a FRACTION OF A SECOND.
– That is a key message of the Chachakka Sutta that we have been discussing recently: “Worldview of the Buddha.”

I have revised the second post mentioned above:
Difference Between Tanhā and Upādāna

These are important concepts to understand. But it requires spending time to think, not merely to read.

P.S. The key point is that “tanhā” happens instantly, the moment you see, hear,..something. Then one thinks, speaks, and takes actions based on “craving” for it. That second step happens over time. That is the “upādāna” step.