Reply To: Post on An Apparent “Self” Is Involved in Kamma Generation


Just to show to what i am refering too:

Nina van Gorkom says: “Only lokuttara kusala cittas, magga-cittas, eradicate the
latent tendencies of defilements”. In Abhidhamma in Daily Life, page 157

“Only the magga-citta eradicates defilements; the phala-citta, which also
experiences nibbana, is vipaka, result of the magga-citta. (page 161)

“Not all defilements can be eradicated by the magga-citta of the first stage of enlightenment. As we have seen, there are four stages of enlightenment (the stages of the sotapanna, the sakadagami, the anagam1 and the arahat), and for each of these stages there is a magga-citta which experiences nibbana and eradicates defilements”. Page 161

I do not argue the use of weakening defilements, and letting them go while they arise, but it seems that this cannot lead to their uprooting. On that point 1 would like some clarificaton. It seems that only te magga citta that experiences Nibbana can uproot defilements.