Reply To: Post on An Apparent “Self” Is Involved in Kamma Generation


Siebe wrote: “It is said by some that defilements and also anusaya can only be eradicated by the magga-citta, for example this is said by Nina van Gorkom who writes a lot about Abhidhamma.”

The way that is written gives a wrong impression.
– It is true that anusaya is removed in stages at each stage of magga phala. But that does not happen automatically. It requires learning and practicing dhamma.
– Once one starts understanding the true nature, that understanding grows with time (as a Sotapanna Anugami). Then the wrong view of sakkaya ditthi is removed at the moment of attaining the Sotapanna magga/phala citta.
– Removing the wrong perceptions (saññā) requires more learning and practice and that is removed only at the Arahant stage.