Reply To: Post on "Sakkāya Ditthi in Terms of Attā or “Self” or “Ātma”


Thanks for the post Lal.

I think it is mentioned before but i find SN22.89 very illustrative in regard to this topic.

I think it illustrates the difference between loosing sakkaya ditthi and still have some subtle attachment to what one experiences due to a residual longing and conceit “I am” in regard to those experiences.

In the sutta Khemaka seems to express that, although, he has lost the belief or view “I am those painful feelings” and “those painful feeling are mine“, he still seems to have some kind of sense of Me in regard to those painful feeling. This seems to suggest that there still is some kind of subtle non-intellectual, very deep-rooted proces of attachement in the mind after loosing sakkaya ditthi.
And this seems to imply that the painful feelings are for Khemaka an affliction, a burden, because there is still subtle attachment via asmi mana.

So there remains for a very long time a scent of subject/me in the mind which operates like a subtle attachement mechanism to what is being experienced.

At least, that’s how i understand it. Please correct me if i a wrong.