Reply To: Post on "Sakkāya Ditthi in Terms of Attā or “Self” or “Ātma”


What y not says above is correct in general.

I want to emphasize two points:

1. Having sakkaya ditthi is just one part of avijjā. But it is a big part. Removal of sakkaya ditthi basically prevents one from committing apāyagāmi deeds.

2. Removal of sakkaya ditthi is just removing a “wrong vision” about a “self.” That DOES NOT remove the “wrong saññā” about a “self”.
– Even though one realizes that it is not correct to say that “things are happening to a self,” one still has the “distorted saññā” of a “self.”
– That perception of a “me” is “asmi māna.” That wrong perception decreases in stages and is removed at the Arahant stage.

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