Reply To: Tipitaka translation (Latin script)


EDITED: OK. I got confused, and after seeing the comment by y not below, I realized what Tobias (may be) asking.

The scripts are the same for English and Latin. That is why I got confused.

The conversion from Sinhala to English script was done by early European scholars like Rhys Davis, Eugene Burnouf, and others, who learned Pali as well as Sanskrit. They also TRANSLATED Tipitaka to English. See, “Misinterpretation of Anicca and Anatta by Early European Scholars.”

They were also confused by Pali words like anicca and anatta, which they thought the same as anitya and anatma in Sanskrit. That is why the English TRANSLATIONS are not reliable.
– However, Pali Tipitaka in English SCRIPT is correct. But there is some confusion about the spelling of some words. For example, the Pali word anicca is pronounced as “anichcha” where “ch” sound is the same as in “chicken” or “choice”. But it is written with just “c”. That was done to prevent words from getting too long.