Reply To: Experience with Anapanasati + My Esoteric Background


Hi Tobias, regarding the anatta sanna, I don’t know if you’ve studied the teachings of Adi Da Samraj. He states that the cause of suffering can be reduced to three main processes: identification, differentiation, and desire.

Identification is pretty simple, it’s the attachment to your self-identity (this is not Lal’s anatta interpretation, but you get the point).

Differentiation is interesting, and I think this is where the dichotomy lies. The equation of samsara with material rebirth, based on traditional Buddhism, would deem sensate reality to be separate from ultimate fulfillment. On the other hand, worldly people would do the exact opposite, where cessation of sensate reality is separate from their ultimate fulfillment. In both cases, there is a “differentiation” of experience or non-experience from fulfillment.

This creates the last aspect of desire, which Adi Da calls “seeking” or the moment-to-moment avoidance of relationship as I mentioned before. He outlines these processes in his autobiography, “The Knee of Listening”.

This all sounds conceptual, but the eradication of this threefold process can only be done using L. Ron Gardner’s “Plugged-in Presence” meditation, or something similar. These meditations are designed to go beyond the self-contraction mechanism.

Did you try it out? If you do it correctly, you’ll actually feel the downpour of energy into the hadya-vatthu, located two digits to the right of your sternum.

*Adi Da describes his meditation technique, a little different from Mr. Gardner’s, in this chapter.