Reply To: Experience with Anapanasati + My Esoteric Background

Tobias G

Ok, we are getting closer. You said: “…I just believe that the answer to this question, whether to affirm existence or escape it, or if there’s an answer that transcends this dichotomy, is crucial to humanity’s future.

With this you want to go further than the Buddha did. The Buddha saw that there is no other option than to remove all attachments to this world. Without attachment your time in samsara runs out and you will not be reborn again. In other words: if you want to stay here you have to keep at least some defilements/attachment and that will lead to suffering in the long run. If we talk about societies we have to deal with a very colorful bunch of attachment. In order to reduce at least the most horrible defilements the societies all over the world would have to understand the bigger worldview as delivered by the Buddha. They have to understand that deeds have consequences. If that would be achievable societies could become more peaceful and less addicted to (bad) sense pleasures. The bunch of attachment would lose some shrill or dark colors, but still many colors would remain. The people would still be bound to samsara and experience suffering. There is no solution, just reduction.

As we know from Buddha Dhamma there is no stable self in any being and very bad gathi can surface anytime if conditions are sufficient. That is also part of anatta sanna. Here is no refuge where one can count on.