Reply To: Attha Purisa Puggalā- Eight Noble Persons

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– “..Sotapanna does not necessarily become a Sakadagami Anugami UNTIL he/she keeps working towards the Sakadagami stage.”
– “As long as one is making an effort (viriya) on making progress, that person WILL BE a Sakadagami Anugami.”

Now say such a one makes that effort and dies as a Sakadagami Anugami. Not returning to the human realm(or below) applies to Sakadagamis, those who have attained the magga and the phala.

So I understand that the destination of a Sakadagami Anugami will be just the same as if he were a Sotapanna; that effort does not NECESSARILY translate into a better realm than the human one after death unless Sakadagami-hood is attained (for even Sotapannas MAY attain a deva existence – the difference of course being that for a Sakadagami that deva existence would be his last in the kamaloka)

Is this correct?