Reply To: Gathi and the 5 khandhas


I explained on my group how to gradually attain Anagami stage based on Silavant Sutta, maybe someone find it useful. It’s not hard but it takes patience and the practice goes deeper with time

How Ariyas should train after attaining Sotapanna:

First we need that hate, greed and lust that arise in Ariya after Nibbana due ignorance is little different then in regular person. It's like heat of the fire, it arises and one feel the heat but because ignorance is dropped at the stage of Sotapanna (to some extent) one just feel this heat but not being burned by it as regular people is. Ariya person acknowledge this heat but this heat this not mean instantly that you should beat yourself up or anything like that. Many Ariyas here  overreact here because that arises, what Ariya need to do is acknowledge this hate, greed and lust arises as he would acknowledge going on sunbath or walking into near fire. Once tanha is acknowledged one realize the danger of this heat, one see it as incoming arrow, poison, not worth, unfruitful in nature, source of suffering, source of death, anatta nature, hopeless of following or going into this fire into those states, this is like tortures come to you asking "come with us", hell wardens, this fire is the fire of lower realms that hell wardens induces after death of regular people. After realizing nature of this heat (hate, greed and lust) one does not act on that and upon that after that one uproots and cuts off PS cycles. 
Generally this 3-step method of cutting PS cycle which is 1) Acknowledge 2) Understand 3) Don't act upon it is the quickest and the direct way to uproot everything but there are couple factors to make it work the way Sariputta explains:

1) One need already saw Anicca /Dukkha/Anatta to practice it in the right way (especially point 2) which means is for Sotapannas and above
2) One need to understand Paticca Samupadda cycles
3) One need to understand five aggregates

1) Acknowledge is related to releasing unwholesome state of mind, as one would acknowledge heat of the fire, there is no need to panic or overreact when one feels the heat of tanha – it’s just started, acknowledging it helps it not develop it further ie. releasing. 2) Understanding here means contemplating Anicca Sanna, drawbacks of tanha and anything related to Ariya practices. 3) Do not acting upon it which means abandoning the unwholesome state of mind, do not following it anymore with any of section mind, speech, body etc. You can do it without any force or anything if you properly did the first step one and two.

I’m pretty sure this can lead to Arahanthood relatively quickly if one just keep this up. This is the quickest and easiest approach but all it takes is patience. The hardest way is to build up enough wisdom (panna) to get it rolling properly but once you are there is like you have fresh driver license, you will get better with time.